February 2021 Notice:

Chief Okemos District Advancement web site!

(or a shorter URL to get to the same pages www.KnotOwl.net/Advancement)

Including information detailing the Eagle process.
Things like:
  • Eagle Process from Candidate's perspective
  • Contact Info page from Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  • Example Time Tracking Spreadsheet
  • How to generate an Eagle Application from Scoutbook
  • Letters of Recommendation process
  • Checklist of what is looked for in an Eagle Package at a Board of Review
Let Tim know if you would like to see additional information
or if you see anything that needs correcting.
October 2, 2021
Eagle Verificat and scheduling of Boards of Review process change.
Per MCC, it is now the responsibility of the Unit to get the
Eagle Application Verified. The District Advancement Committee
will be holding "Life to Eagle" trainings for 30 minutes before
each Roundtable. Come find out exactly what the changes are and
get your questions answered!