Owl's Knot Masters
Pic Name Description ABOK# BSA
  o1. Bowline in the Bight Create 2 loops in the bight of a rope. 1080  
  o2. Carrick Bend Attach 2 ropes together. Better for larger line. 1439  
  o3. Double fisherman's knot Attach 2 ropes together. Good for small line. 1415?  
  o4. Thief's Knot This is a trick knot that looks like a square knot, but isn't. 1207  
  o5. Half hitch Sennit A fun way to put rope into a chain. (Undo from starting end!)    
  o6. 3x4 Turks head Create a braid in a circle. Can be used to create a neckerchief woggle/slide or monkies fist. 1306 or 1311  
  o7. 1 Knot not listed In other words, find a knot that isn't part of this program!    
  o8. Knot embellished walking staff Use a minimum of 6 knots.